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Electrostatic sticky notes on roll

Product highlights:

✓ static notes

✓ on a roll (length 20 meters, height 7.5cm)

✓ individually cut

✓ self-adhesive

✓ flexible use

✓ Can be removed without leaving residue

✓ writable

  • Areas of application

    The GluPix are your daily support for your planning for house building, wedding, birthday, vacation, project and process planning, Kanban board and much more

    You can label the GluPix individually and cut the length to suit your needs. They help you keep an overview of your planning and you can easily react to changes because you can easily move the GluPix thanks to the static charge.

    They stick to all smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, walls, floors, porcelain and much more

    You can see some possible applications in our photos, but of course there are no limits to your creativity!

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