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Who is the Solufi ?

Our why, our values, the Solufi family and what do we actually do?

Solufi - the Solution Finder

Fate brought us together and so we founded Solufi GmbH in January 2018.


Our passion has always been for customer-oriented and efficient solutions. Even before the founding of Solufi GmbH, the three founders lived these qualities and were always interested in further optimizing them.

In doing so, we pursued and follow the vision of creating a working environment for ourselves and our employees that we wish for ourselves.

Die Gründer der Solufi GmbH Sven Dellermann und Lisa Dellermann.

Our values

Madlen Keller and a man catch a colleague, Stefanie Baumgärtner, who falls backwards into their arms as a trust exercise.


The basis of a trusting cooperation is to see the good in the other. With all the strengths and weaknesses that everyone has. The error culture we live by is the safety net for our employees in their courageous steps.

Zwei Hände halten eine Blume inklusive Wurzelballen in der Hand.


We operate with a clear conscience.

For us, striving for profit and responsible use of resources are not contrary to each other but encourage each other. Only mindfulness enables sustainability.

Lisa Dellermann points to a flipchart. It says: New paths - He who dares not, dares not hope. By Friedrich Schiller


We stand up for our beliefs, even if it's not the easiest way. We say something when others are silent and sometimes remain silent when others say something. We  also listen to our intuition when making decisions.

Madlen Keller holds a moderation ball in her hands and laughs.


It is a law of physics that every action - passive or active - has a reaction. So your actions today determine your results tomorrow.  It is therefore all the more important to make conscious decisions.

Madlen Keller and Arthur Krier stand on the same step of a ladder and look at each other.


We meet our customers and employees as equals, taking into account the individual background of an individual and are aware that mistakes and forgiveness are part of life. 

Sven Dellermann and Madlen Keller are talking to a person while standing and drinking a cup of coffee.


We value open communication with our customers as well as with each other. Constructive criticism and different opinions are essential for us to find creative solutions and to constantly improve.

Our competencies 

Arthur Krier steht vor einem Kanbanboard und hält einen Workshop vor einer Gruppe.
Icon Solufi Light Bulb


with our professional moderators to your perfect workshop 

Our professional moderators are characterized by many years of experience, empathetic demeanor and a pinch of humor. We always involve the group as a whole, create a focused working atmosphere and tailor the tools to your specific requirements. During a workshop, we constantly monitor the course and the interactions between the participants, adjust the process if necessary and actively ensure a deepened and trusting cooperation. Our goal is to get the maximum out of it.

Benefit from our expertise and book one or more of our moderators.

Icon Solufi Koffer


Why is a workshop with the Solufi moderators something special?

Workshops are ideal for working on problems, decisions or concepts. It is important to create the appropriate framework (space & time) and to let the results take effect in the future. In order to achieve this, professional moderation is the be-all and end-all. The moderator uses the tools and methods available to him, such as World Café, Fishbowl, SWAT, Open Space & Design Thinking, and at the same time strengthens the social exchange within the group .

Have you heard of our own workshop method Cut'n'Shift ?

Learn more here

Get to know our moderators!

Sven Dellermann sits on an armchair and smiles

Sven Dellermann

"You decide today what effect your yesterday will have on tomorrow."

Looking back, I'm proud that my life's journey was full of surprises and the decisions I made that allow me to fulfill my calling today. Perhaps I could have had it more straightforward and also simpler - but would I then be who I am today and would I have had this experience?


I approach every workshop like a mountain hike: plan, set a route, take tools with me, start the tour and be attentive at all times!

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We make it easy!

Our competent consultants are your sparring partner, motivator and multiplier at the same time.
We provide you with the right roles and convince you with an active, solution-oriented and pragmatic cooperation in your project.

Strategic advice

The environment of your company is constantly changing and nothing that was set yesterday will endure tomorrow. What decision are you making today?


We accompany you on your way to a sustainable strategy.


We rely on the triad of employee satisfaction, sustainability and profitability.

process management

Do you want your process transitions to mesh smoothly and for this reason make your processes more effective, economical and transparent?


No problem! Using various methods, we create exactly these processes together with you.

project management

Are you looking for a simple and sensible way to plan your projects?


We are at your side with advice and, above all, action. So that your project begins with sensible planning, is carried out in a result-oriented manner and ends with a positive conclusion.

Agile product development

Do you want your products to be developed in a customer-oriented, fast and coordinated manner?


We support you in placing your product on the market faster, integrating customer feedback and operating successfully on the market. Our mission is to positively exceed the expectations of your customers.

Agile Transition

Your organization, your team or you want to enter the agile world and you need a strong partner for the first steps?


We are the link between classic project management and agile product development.

We ensure a constructive exchange at all levels with the aim of making you fit and strong for the  future.

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supported in projects

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